16RU Floating Rack Case

16RU Floating Rack Case

Showcase 16RU Floating Rack Case – 500mm deep with castors

Fully equipped with Penn-Elcom hardware, laminated with a 9mm Ply Black Hexa Pattern. Penn-Elcom hardware as follows:

(1): 9mm-HEXXA*Black(Outside)-HPL*Black;

(2): 4*Penn Handles-H7159EZ;

(3): 8*Penn Latches-L944/527MOL4;

(4): 8*Penn Ball Corners-C1340/30Z;

(5): Case comes Equipped with 4 Penn 100mm Wheels (2 can be braked if required - specify when ordering).

(6): 16*Braces-B1123;

(7): 4*Wheel Dish-W0964EZ;

(8): 1*Label Dish-D2115Z;

(9): 1*Tour Labels-D2115L;

(10): R8800 Anti-Vibration Rack System;(11): Single Angle Extrusion-E0775;

(12): Hybrid Extrusions-E0825 For9mm;


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