AG-800 Disinfector

AG-800 Disinfector

The Antari AG-800 is a lightweight, portable, and highly functional sanitising Disinfection Machine, offering a convenient method for dispersing disinfectant solution as vaporized fog evenly around your interior environment. The AG-800 effectively kills most fungi, germs, viruses, and dust mites, and it will get rid of odors too. The AG-800 disinfection fog machine is the perfect way to sanitize your space and kill nasty bacteria, germs and viruses.




It’s extremely easy to operate. Simply turn on the power then press the button on the handle. Using an FLD sanitation solution, the AG-800 lays a thin layer on the surface of objects in the room, inhibiting bacterial growth. It is the ideal solution for regular maintenance in your car, other vehicle, office, theatre, shop, mall, supermarket, airport, gym, hospital or even smoko room!


The AG-800 can fill a space of approx 3000 cubic feet in 1 minute.

To disinfect a room - say the size of a school classroom or public bar, close the windows and doors, and run the machine for 10-12 or so minutes until the fog has spread evenly throughout.

To disinfect a car, simply turn the air conditioner to recycle, then use it for up to 30 seconds at a time. Then, after you spray the smoke, allow 5 to 10 minutes for the smoke to circulate and cover the space to disinfect. If you use your car for personal use, disinfection can be effective for up to 2 weeks. While a car used more frequently for business should ideally be disinfected each day.

The more occupied a certain location is, the more frequently it should be disinfected, or immediately after a visit by suspected infected people.

It’s important to note, the AG-800 itself sports no sterilization function. This function comes from the FLD-05 sterilization fluid that’s sold separately; it’s also completely different from ozone machines and air cleaners.

After a long burst the internal heat-exchanger element will need to reheat which it will do within just 90 seconds (the fluid must be vaporised at the correct temperature and pressure).

Light weight fog disinfector: portable, and very easy to use


  • Input Voltage AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz 3.5A
  • Rated Power 800W
  • Warm-up Time 2 minutes (approx.)
  • Fluid Consumption 10 ml / min
  • Output 3,000 cu.ft. / per min
  • Fluid Tank Capacity 0.8 L
  • Compatible fluid Air Guard FLD-05
  • Ambient temp. range 0 - 40 deg C 
  • Control Manual, Wireless
  • Dimension L315 W128 H218 mm
  • Weight 3.8 KG

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