Smoke Sheild Anti-bacterial Smoke Fluid 1L

Smoke Sheild Anti-bacterial Smoke Fluid 1L

 Smoke Sheild - Antibacterial Smoke Fluid

  • Sanitising smoke fluid that converts a conventional smoke machine into a disinfection unit 
  • 99.999% kill rate for bacteria
  • Non-toxic plant based active ingredient
  • Made locally in Australia

Smoke Shield is a specially formulated anti-bacterial fluid that converts a conventional smoke machine into a portable disinfection system, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria and has been tested against the corona virus surrogate MHV-1. Delivered in an ultra fine 1-5 micron particle size it penetrates even the hardest to reach spaces, making it the perfect sanitising solution for cars, trucks, offices, and more.

Smoke shield contains 2 active biocide ingredients a Quaternary Ammonium Compound (BENZYL-C12-14 (EVENNUMBERED)-ALKYLDIMETHYL, CHLORIDES) and the stronger BIS (3-AMINOPROPYL) DODECYLAMINE providing a further assurance of treatment.

Enveloped viruses typically offer the least resistance to germicidal chemicals of microorganisms. And are less resistant to vegetative bacteria such as p.aeruginosa, s.aureus and salmonella which first two bacteria are challenge tested in the TGA Hospital Grade Disinfection protocol and test protocols EN1276 and EN13697.

Smoke Shield has demonstrated a 5-log reduction (kill rate of 99.999%) as tested to the stringent EN1276 and EN13697 against a wide range of organisms including p.aeruginosa, s.aureus and Salmonella. And a 4-log reduction (kill rate of 99.99%) of the TGA approved COVID-19 surrogate MHV-1, as tested to the stringent ASTM 1052 standards.

Whilst it is documented that the survival rate of COVID19 on inanimate surfaces is short, Smoke Shield helps by dramatically reducing the presence of proteins and organic matter. This hinders the virus’s ability to survive on a treated surface for up to 30 days.

NB: Supply may be delayed due to demand

Also available in 5 Litre


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