Iluminarc Lighting

Iluminarc are a specialist architectural lighting supplier whose mission is to inspire and empower customers to visually enhance man-made and natural environments through the use of efficient lighting. They seek preeminence in the architectural lighting market by consistently delivering practical, customer-driven lighting solutions. There vision to aspire to be the lighting brand of choice of architects, designers, specifiers, contractors and installers in the process of shaping remarkable visual elements and surroundings.To that end, Iluminarc strive to develop, source and market viable technologies, luminaires and control systems that solve installation challenges and facilitate the execution, operation and maintenance of efficient lighting projects.

Backed by the Iluminarc proposition of being agile, responsive, competitive and customer-driven, with an unmatched ability to rapidly bring quality products to market, react quickly to changing demands, and deliver sensible lighting solutions; MDR Lighting are proud to be the exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor of the Iluminarc range of lighting products

Latest News

Eiffel Tower lit with LED's to mark 120 years. Chauvet's Iluminarc subsidiary may be less than a year old, but it's scored a landmark coup of sorts: more than 400 Ilumipod 48 IP RGBW wash lights are being used for an LED light show on the Eiffel Tower as part of the structure's. Click here to read more

Eiffel Tower's 120-year anniversary celebration


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