We provide support, training, and technical support services around all facets of production lighting and audio systems. See our specialist areas below. 


Our expert designers craft immersive lighting experiences tailored to your unique needs. From events to architectural spaces, we transform environments through creative illumination. Collaborating closely with clients, we bring visions to life, playing with color, intensity, and mood to set the perfect scene. Illuminate your space with sophistication and style!   


Ignite the stage with our lighting system consultation service. Our seasoned experts specialize in crafting dynamic lighting setups that amplify the energy of live performances. From creating immersive atmospheres to highlighting the features, we tailor our consultations to your venue's unique character. Elevate every note, every beat, and every moment with our expert guidance. Illuminate your concert experience with a lighting design that resonates and captivates — book your consultation now for a show-stopping spectacle.


Step into the world of lighting mastery with our Chamsys control systems. Designed for venues, installations and live production alike, our program offers hands-on expertise in navigating the enjoyment of Chamsys technology. Led by experienced instructors, our training covers everything from basic operations to advanced programming, ensuring you unlock the full potential of your lighting setup. Equip yourself with the knowledge to create stunning visual experiences — enroll in our Chamsys training programme and illuminate your path to control and creativity.

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