Ownership of the goods supplied shall by MDR Sound & Lighting (herein referred to as the "Supplier") remain property of the Supplier until such time that the goods have been paid for in full.  Payment is deemed to have been complete when the Supplier has received cleared funds into their bank account. The Supplier may appropriate amounts received from the purchaser (herein referred to as the "Customer") in any manner it determines notwithstanding any purported appropriation by the Customer.

Risk in the goods shall fall upon the Customer from the time the Supplier places the goods with a carrier. The Supplier shall not be liable to the Customer or any other party for any delay in the delivery of the goods. The Customer shall make all arrangements to take delivery of the goods.

Except as provided in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and by the manufacturers written warranty (if any) the Supplier makes no representation, condition, warranty or promise, expressed or implied, in respect of goods supplied to Customer.  Where the Customer purchases goods for a particular purpose, it is the Customers sole responsibility to ensure that the goods will be suitable for the Customers purpose, and the Supplier shall have no liability whatsoever in the event that the goods are not fit for purpose, notwithstanding any statements made to the Customer by the Supplier or its officers or employees.

In the case that the customer is operating within the provisions of a credit account, payment for goods and services supplied by the supplier shall be made (received by the supplier's bankers) no later than the 20th day of the month following the date of supply of the goods. The Supplier shall be entitled to cancel all or any part of any contract or
contracts with the customer, in addition to its other remedies (including the right to recover all sums owing to it for deliveries already made), in the following circumstances;

  • If the customer becomes insolvent
  • If a receiver is appointed in respect to the assets of the customer
  • If the customer no longer carries on business or threatens to cease carrying on business
  • If an arrangement with the customers creditors is made or likely to be made
  • If the ownership or effective control of the customer is transferred of the nature of the customers business is materially altered in any way
  • If the purchaser makes default in talking delivery of goods at any time
  • If the purchaser makes default in payment at any time

If such payment is overdue in whole or in part the supplier may, without prejudice to any of its other rights under this contract or by law, recover or resell the goods and may enter the customers premises or that of its servants or agents for the purpose of recovering the aforementioned goods and shall not be liable for any damage, injury or loss caused as a result of the recovery or resale of the goods. Upon cancellation of the contract, the Supplier shall be entitled to dispose of the goods contracted for the customer, and the customer shall indemnify the Supplier for any loss in price incurred on realisation against the price at which the goods were contracted to be bought by the customer. The Supplier reserves the right to charge interest to the customer at the rate of 10% per month or part thereof for any balance outstanding and to withhold supply of any further goods or services until such time as payment is received in full. The Customer agrees to pay the supplier the full amount of any costs of fees incurred by the supplier including but not limited to solicitor/client costs on a solicitor/client basis and any or all Collection Agency charges incurred as a result of attempts to recover amounts due by the customer to the supplier.

The Supplier makes no warranty whatsoever (either express or implied) that the goods sold shall be suitable for the buyer's purpose, (this includes the ability of the buyer to re-sell the goods), and the buyer agrees that it is their own responsibility to ensure that the goods being purchased are fit for the purpose that are required for.

The buyer further accepts that they shall use and/or instruct others to comply with all of the safety and use conditions associated with the aforementioned goods at all times. Authorisation for the return of any goods is solely at the discretion of the Supplier. No goods shall be accepted for return unless prior approval and consent has been obtained. If authorised, goods may only be returned within 7 days of the purchase date. If approved, returned goods must be delivered back to the Supplier freight pre-paid, and in perfect resalable condition (this includes all packaging). Goods will not be accepted for return as a result of the Customers inability to resell the goods, or if the reason for return is a result of an incomplete or cancelled sale between the buyer and their customer/s, or any other third party. A minimum restocking fee of 20% of the price paid for the goods may be charged, solely at the discretion of the Supplier, this will be deducted from any credits issued. ALL goods returned must be returned in their original packaging and the packaging and goods must be in original condition in order for the goods to be accepted for return. Goods returned in cartons that are improperly packed or unsuitable for resale will attract a re packaging fee, this will be in addition to any minimum-restocking fee charged. This fee shall be deducted from any credit due. The Supplier reserves the absolute right to decline the acceptance of damaged goods, or goods returned with damaged or unsuitable packaging. 

The Supplier reserves the absolute right to decline acceptance of any goods being returned if the goods were expressly purchased in for the purpose of supplying to the buyer, (i.e. an indent item). The buyer is deemed to have accepted all of the Suppliers standard terms and conditions by accepting receipt of the goods as and when supplied by the Supplier and/or their delivery agent.